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Dr. Jay and Dr. RasmussenDr. Steve Rasmussen of Rasmussen Chiropractic, Fayetteville, GA, hosted a Cardiovascular Screening and Stress Test event on September, 18th.  I screened several of his patients and we educated them on the benefits of M3-Miracle Molecule Max and other nutritional/lifestyle applications.  Dr. Steve is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced doctor.  Besides chiropractic he teaches nutritional approaches and offers weight loss coaching.  Check him out at:  www.rasmussenchiropractic.com.

I would like to thank Diane Wood Weaver for inviting me to come out to Healthy Connections in Pell City AL on September 1st to speak to her clients about the benefits of nitric oxide and m3. We screened over a dozen folks to see what their cardiovascular status is using the smart pulse device. We are planning the next events for the first Tuesday of every month.

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I would like to thank Dr. Donovan Christie, Medical Director of Anwan Medical Center, for allowing me to present to his staff and a handful of bright eyed medical students, August, 26th, 2015. We all gathered at the Atlanta Medical Center. The topic: Benefits of Nitric Oxide and Balanced Arginine Supplementation.

Dr. Christie, MD, has long been an advocate of healthy lifestyle and holistic interventions when possible. It was refreshing to see a group of people truly interested in the health of their patients and open minded to approaches other than prescription medications and surgery. Before the meeting started, a student and myself were getting acquainted. I told her the topic of my lecture and she said with complete honesty, “I wish our classroom curriculum would teach more about alternative medicine. I know many of our patients in the future will be using and wanting them.”

Another student, whose husband was a medical practitioner, confessed that her husband prescribed and gave away many herbal preparations to his patients. Kudos to all the medical doctors out there that have taken it upon themselves to dig into the research on integrative therapies and not just be educated by the drug reps that come into the clinic to tell about the latest and greatest prescription meds!

Jay Wilkins, ND

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