Nitric Oxide and Anti-Aging

It has been said that one’s birth is the first day of a slow march to ones death.  Kind of morbid, but there is truth to that thought.  Especially as we hit the 40 year mark in life does this become more apparent.  It has been proven that all the things that help us feel and look youthful diminish with age.

To name a few:

•    Hormones like DHEA, testosterone and HGH
•    Nitric Oxide
•    Telomeres
•    Stem Cells

So what can we do?  Can we fight these death dealing effects?  We can!

Let’s talk hormones first.  The amino acid L-arginine is converted by the pituitary gland into human growth hormone (HGH).  Many may recognize this as what makes children grow to their genetic height.  It’s more than that.  HGH is what keeps your cells replicating at a pace so as to replace and renew damaged cells.  HGH also puts your body into a nice restorative sound sleep.  Now, you see why older folks have trouble getting to and staying asleep as there HGH levels go down.

The other thing that L-arginine does is convert into Nitric Oxide (NO).  This process is called:  arginine derived nitric oxide (ADNO).  Like arginine itself, NO is important for youth hormone production.  It stimulates the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis.  The HPA axis controls many of your feel young hormones like testosterone and progesterone.   So, as your Nitric Oxide levels go up your skin becomes more supple, you feel more energetic, you feel like having sex again (and again!), and  sense of wellness goes through the roof to name a few things.

biologically immortal

Did you know, lobsters are part of an exclusive group of animals we call “biologically immortal”?  That’s right!  They only die if they get eaten or injured from a predator, or get a rare disease, but never from old age. They don’t have a built-in life expectancy in their cells.  They constantly are getting stronger, bigger and more virile. If left alone they get huge and can live for centuries. Every few years you’ll hear about someone catching a giant lobster. I’ve read about 25-40 pound and 140-year-old lobsters. And those are just the ones that have been caught.

Why do they grow so large and live so long?  It’s telomerase, the enzyme that helps rebuild and maintain telomeres.


NO Prolongs Life

Dr. Al Sears, MD, an expert in the field of Anti-Aging medicine says, “If you can maintain highly functioning telomeres you can produce cells that keep you looking and feeling younger.  I’ve discovered a nutrient that does just this.  You need to boost a little-known—but Nobel Prize winning—molecule in your body, nitric oxide (NO). NO can expand blood vessels, increase blood flow, improve muscle performance and help erectile dysfunction.”

He goes on to say, “In my practice, I recommend my patients take arginine—an amino acid that converts to NO when it enters the body—to boost their NO production.  Once you boost NO production, over time, your telomeres will be better, and you should feel the difference creating younger cells makes on your body.”

Biochemist, Mohamed Gad, concluded in the Journal of Advanced Research, “The demonstrated anti-aging benefits of l-arginine show promises greater than any pharmaceutical or nutraceutical agent ever previously discovered.”  That is a statement worth investigating yourself!

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  • I just feel alive

    “I have been using an arginine product to boost my nitric oxide levels.  I have several health issue that it has helped with.  One is spider veins that I have had for years.  They are vanishing before my very eyes.  Plus, I just feel alive again!”


  • a normal life

    “I have had a stroke and displayed symptoms of MS and Parkinson’s.  For the past 12 days, I have had a noticeable boost in strength and stamina since using my arginine complex.  I was able to walk around the hospital with no trouble when I was visiting my mother,  my skin is softer, and the ridges in my nails are going away.  I am now assuming a normal life.”


  • feel better inside and out

    “I am 70 years old and since using this anti-aging arginine blend I have more confidence.  I have had 6 operations in one year.  Since taking this nitric oxide boosting drink people say I am “glowing”.  I am a former massage therapist.  I have only been taking this stuff for two weeks and I am driving again!  I just feel better inside and out.”

    Jo Anne