Nitric Oxide and Arterial Plaque

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The Associated Press released a statement regarding the Nobel Prize in Medicine.  They said, “Three Americans won the Nobel Prize in Medicine Monday for discovering that the body uses nitric oxide gas to make blood vessels relax and widen — a finding that could pay off in treatments for heart disease.”


Dr. John Cook Medical Director Stanford

Wow!  What an understatement!  Dr John Cooke, Head of Cardiovascular Research at Stanford University, calls Nitric Oxide (NO), “The cardiovascular cure”.  Some one million people in the U.S. alone, this year, will die of a heart attack.  Cardiologists all agree that the main reason is due to arteries that are so clogged that blood cannot get through to oxygenate the heart properly.  It has been suggested that 70% of 12 year olds already have fatty streaks in their arteries.  By the time we hit 40 years old the plaque can be severe.  No wonder people that are having heart attacks are getting younger and younger.  The cause?  Lack of NO.


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Consider the comments of what Dr. Woodson Merrell, MD, author of Arginine Solution‘The Arginine Solution’ says about the nitric oxide producing amino acid L-arginine, “Ever mounting evidence strongly suggests that those who avail themselves of the Arginine Solution can rejuvenate their circulatory systems, reversing damage already done and setting the stage for continued good health well into the future.” Strong suggestion indeed.

dr. amir lerman

Dr. Amir Lerman Mayo Clinic

In 1992, a series of studies were done that showed that not only did the NO producing arginine stop the progression of arterial plaque, but when combined with citrulline, and antioxidants it actually showed reduction in the plaque formation.  Are cardiologists recommending it?  Read Dr. Sinatra’s book, ‘Reverse Heart Disease Now’ or check out the work of Dr. Amir Lerman of the Mayo Clinic.  You will see many doctors are recommending that their heart patients benefit from nitric oxide producing nutrients such as arginine.

Research on Nitric Oxide and Plaque Reversal:

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