Nitric Oxide and Blood Pressure

The normal blood pressure level is less than 120 over 80 or less. The first number is your systolic pressure and the second number is your diastolic pressure.  If your pressure is 140 over 90 or higher you have high blood pressure.

bloodpressureMonitorHigh blood pressure is the force of blood against the walls of your arteries. Your blood pressure is always rising and falling throughout the day and if it rises and stays that way over time, you have high blood pressure.  High blood pressure is usually referred to as hypertension. When you have high blood pressure it puts more pressure on the heart, making it work harder than usual. This is why you end up at risk for strokes or heart disease.

In the United States, about 77.9 million (1 out of every 3) adults have high blood pressure.

Data from NHANES 2007–10 showed that of those with high blood pressure,
•    81.5 percent are aware they have it
•    74.9 percent are under current treatment
•    52.5 percent have it controlled
•    47.5 percent do not have it controlled

Among adults age 20 and older in the United States, the following have high blood pressure:
•    For non-Hispanic whites, 33.4 percent of men and 30.7 percent of women.
•    For non-Hispanic blacks, 42.6 percent of men and 47.0 percent of women.
•    For Mexican Americans, 30.1 percent of men and 28.8 percent of women.

What is the root cause of this high blood pressure epidemic?  According to Dr. John Cooke, the Head of Cardiovascular Research at Stanford University, “Most Americans are not producing enough “NO” (Nitric Oxide) in their blood vessels.”  Nitric Oxide keeps your arteries nice, relaxed, clean and healthy.  Unfortunately,  age and lifestyle can limit your production of this all important gas.

What can you do if your blood pressure is on the rise?  According to the outspoken medical doctor Sherry Rogers, “High blood pressure medications are down-right dangerous”.  As an alternative she says, “Arginine can reverse high blood pressure” (see her book ‘The High Blood Pressure Hoax’).

The naturally occurring amino acid Lhappybp-arginine is even cardiologist approved!  Here is what Dr. Stephen Sinatra has to say about it, “L-arginine has value for the whole gamut of atherosclerosis-from early signs such as high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction to advanced cardiac events.  We feel it offers promise for plaque stabilization and reversal.  It is inexpensive and nontoxic.  We use it clinically for treating angina, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, and stubborn risk factors we can’t other wise improve.”

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  • immediate benefits...

    “I have worked in the Health and Wellness field since 1995.  I have a strong family history of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Three years ago it was my turn to have to deal with it.  I was put on a prescription for my blood pressure.  It didn’t work. It just made me feel bad.  Within one week of taking 10,000 mg of L-arginine and 400 mg of L-citrulline, 10,000 iu of vitamin D per day I saw immediate benefits in my blood pressure.  It went to 125/90 the first week.  This was great news considering the systolic number had been close to 200 at times.  Now I can speak to my clients with conviction when I recommend this product!”

    C. S.

  • What in the world...

    “I am an African American man in my 60’s.  Clinically I had died twice after having a routine stress test.  My blood pressure prior to that had been sky-rocketing up over 200 at times.  This is as good as I could get it with medications!  A good friend recommended that I try taking L-arginine and some other nutrients.  I took him up on it and started feeling better very quickly.  More energy, better eye sight, sleeping sounder.  But when I went back to my doctor and they took my blood pressure… They had to take it several times with two different units.  They thought it must be a mistake.  My blood pressure was 115 for the systolic!  The doctor asked, “What in the world have you been doing?”  My wife was so excited she said, “He is taking something from Argentina… I mean arginine.”  I am so thankful everyday for my friend introducing me to these supplements.”

    J. R.

  • ... that good!

    “I knew I was in trouble!  Checked my blood pressure:  185/98.  I just do not like the idea of taking any medications.  Everything I had heard regarding arginine and other specific natural products made much more sense.  I was so happy to see my arginine product come the next day. I took some and my blood pressure went down to 156/85.  A few days later 127/69.  I cannot tell you when it has been that good!”

    S. B.