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The Role of Nitric Oxide and Women’s Health

WebWomenHealthWomen tend to be much more “in tune” when it comes to their own health as well as their families. When it comes to health issues that are unique to women (this is not a comprehensive list) you would have to include:

  • breast health
  • heart disease
  • bone health
  • hormone balancing
  • sexual health
  • anti-aging medicine

Research has webheartWomenshown that most women’s biggest health fear is breast cancer. Statistically, however, the most diabolical of diseases for women (particularly after the age of 40) is heart disease (attacks). Some 40,000 women will die of breast cancer this year compared to 500,000 due to heart attack in the U.S. alone. Let’s discuss Nitric Oxide (NO) and how it impacts the conditions listed above.

OldercoupleIt is not surprising that of the 500,000 women that will die of a heart attack this year 400,000 will be past the age of 40. Post 40 the amount of NO (male or female) significantly decreases. NO keeps arteries smooth, supple, and plaque free. Lower NO equals higher plaque. Dr. John Cooke, head of cardiovascular research at Stanford University, actually calls NO the “cardiovascular cure” and wrote a book with that title. Nitric Oxide not only keeps your arteries clean and smooth, it keeps all other risk factors at bay such as: blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides to name a few.

Nitric Oxide also helps in keeping cancer (including breast) at bay. NO gives Natural Killer (NK) cells the ammunition to destroy abnormal growths. A study from the University of Aberdeen, UK, saw great potential in L-arginine (NO precursor) supplementation with breast cancer patients.

WebOlder_adult_exerciseOne out of every two women over 50 ends up with a broken bone because of osteoporosis. NO may play a role in preventing the problem. Nitric Oxide is “an important regulator of bone remodeling” – the creation of new bone, observed Dutch researchers in a study in the Journal of Dental Research. NO can stop bone destruction by cells called osteoblasts and stimulate bone-building by cells called osteoclasts, observed Finnish researchers, in the medical journal Bone.

As far as female hormones are concerned, NO is involved in the production and modulation of estrogen, progesterone, thyroid hormones, human growth hormone and more. These hormones play a key role in a woman’s energy, sleep, sexual function and anti-aging mechanisms.


The bottom line? A women needs Nitric Oxide to feel youthful and be healthy! How does she boost NO? The tens of thousands of research articles back the use of nutraceuticals such as: L-arginine, L-citrulline, pomegranate, beets, Vitamins C, E, and D. Herbs such as hawthorne berry and camu camu and grape seed extract.

Written By Dr. jay Wilkins. ND

Nitric Oxide enthusiast and Formulator of M3-Miracle Molecule Max


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